Chapter VIII – Vulnus, Inceptum, Vale

Chapter VIII – Vulnus, Inceptum, Vale   Vulnus: 1945 – The World Stage The year 1945 was one of extreme turmoil and upheavals. Briefly – America/Europe: After D Day in June 1944, the tides of war were turning with the inexorable advance of the Allies in western Europe. 1945 - Jan end – Battle of the Bulge. Feb - The Yalta Conference between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, where the final defeat and joint occupation of Germany was decided and Declaration of Liberated Europe is signed;    the Allies step up the aerial bombing of German cities – Dresden, Berlin and other German cities. By March, American & British (Empire) troops cross the Rhine and into Germany and from the other side, Russia invades Austria & the Eastern bloc countries. 12 th April US President Franklin D Roosevelt dies from a massive stroke whilst in office. The only US President to be elected four times, he tirelessly pushed to bring WW II to an

Chapter VII – Vorago

  An Uncertain Future   Radhabai passing away in March 1939, caused the big house in Baroda to be thrown into a turmoil. Bal – 1939 Sunderben's services were no longer required as a caregiver, and I am certain that the underlying currents about her continued presence and debatable position in the house would have caused consternation not just within the immediate family members, but also adverse reactions from Panemanglor and Hosangadi families, amongst others. That may have been the reason that KNP made the shocking decision to hastily marry Sunderben within six months of Radhabai passing on.They were married at Somnath - likely at the Old Somnath Temple or Ahilyabai Temple.   With Sunderben having been a (sort of) family member for so long, this lady seems to have taken over the running of the household quite seamlessly, possibly also because Nalini was in Madras then. One fact may be pointed out here: this lady was fiercely protective of KNP, who appears to have beco